Roads Recycling

Hot recycling by means of the Dustrol method

The method

General information

DUSTROL is an American company specializing in urban and inter city recycling using a broad range of methods. Description of the method:
* Heating the surface of the old asphalt.
* Ploughing it with a system of teeth and springs that can be adjusted to match the surface of the roadway, while skipping obstacles such as:
Manholes and collectors.
* Adding refreshing emulsion to the oxidized bitumen
* Mixing the ploughed asphalt in order to obtain a homogeneous mixture,
and producing a heated lower layer for improved
adhesion between layers.
* Spreading the recycled asphalt in the vibrating
table of the conventional finisher.
* Adding an additional layer of asphalt above the recycled
layer by the finisher (optional).


Medan has been engaged, for more than 35 years, in development of roads and infrastructure, and is a pioneer of technologies for
maintenance and recycling of roads in Israel.
Throughout the world roads have been recycled using the hot method for over 30 years. In Israel the PWD began recycling in 1987
Medan is the only company in Israel that operates recycling systems that are suitable for work in urban areas.
A system of width of 3.7m of the US Dustrol type is used for recycling roads of whole lane width.
A system of width 1m of the German Vertigen type is suitable for
The two systems are operated by heating the roadway by gas to the asphalt company‘s standard temperature. Refreshing material is then mixed into the road, and it is re-compacted.
The company is registered in the C-5 (unrestricted) category in the Contractors Registrar and works in accordance with the standards ISO  9001 2008


Advantages of the method

Obtaining a new, refreshed layer.
* Sealing cracks by heating
* Straightening and leveling the roadway
* Improved adhesion between lower and upper layers
* Maintaining grading of aggregates
* A method friendly to the environment
* Minimal traffic disturbance
* Saving of costs


deep recycling


Description of the method for deep recycling

  General information regarding deep recycling

The deep recycling method available in Israel is a method for turning overthe soil or foundation material in a mobile mechanical
arm mixer of type BOMAG .
Recycling is done in the following way:
Dampening the area intended for stabilizing.
Turning over the area in a mechanical arm mixer while adding
bituminous emulsion to the mixer drum. The emulsion is added in a
controlled manner using a metering pump fitted to the emulsion tanker.
The emulsion tanker is attached to the arm mixer and moves in front
of it in the area intended for stabilizing.
A mixture of soil or foundation material with bituminous emulsion leaves the rear of the drum and is leveled by means of the leveling
plate of the mixer.
Use of a grader – If it is necessary to change the road geometry.
Compacting the mixture immediately using a pneumatic or vibratory
roller (with moistening of the wheels).
Permitting traffic on the area after drying The time for opening the road depends on the weather and can take up to a day.


Deep recycling is intended to stabilize roads in-depth
after removing a layer of asphalt.
Stabilization of the soil permits protecting unpaved soil against erosion,
silting in rain, and permits vehicle traffic without damaging the soil
and preventing dust.



The advantages of the deep recycling method

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Processing the existing soil without the need to remove
the existing material and bring new material.
At the end of the working day the road is open for traffic and it is not
necessary to wait until all the work is completed
in order to travel on the road.
The method is cheaper than other methods in which the road is
dug up and the existing material removed and new material brought.
It solves the problem of cracks caused by a defective infrastructure

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