Quarry materials In accordance with the IS-3 and IS1885-6 standards 1885-6


General information

Bakalesh stone and rocks of various sizes
Folia of various kinds (4-6)
Railway agregats in accordance with the Israel Railways standard
Graded aggregates
Class A filling material
Quarry sand
Quarry waste material
(special) graded materials on request



The Lahav quarry was established in 1990 near Kibbutz Lahav
(southern Israel).
Over the years considerable resources have been invested in
making the quarry into a modern,sophisticated, and reliable
quarry for the supply of quarry materials.
The range of products and systems that we offer meet standard
ISO 9001:2008 and all the standards required by
the Israeli Standards Institution.
The quarry operates and markets 24 hours a day and up to Friday
We have a large setup for transportation and handling, capable of
meeting all the needs and requirements from the field,
and at reasonable prices.
We also have a sophisticated laboratory for additional tests
(apart from the regular ones)
to meet the customer's request, if necessary.


Tel. in the quarry 08-9358006
Fax in the quarry 08-9358007

Quarry Manager
Boris and poured - Mobile 052-4581352
                   Mail - boris@medan.co.il

Deputy Director of the quarry
Shlomi survey - Mobile 052-4581364
                     Mail shlomil@medan.co.il

Quality Control Manager
    Uri bloom - Mobile 052-4581358
                     MIRS 057-7707553
                     Mail - uri@medan.co.il

Director of Sales
Father ITACH - Mobile 052-3268500
                  Mail avi@medan.co.il

Shipping Manager
Openings Ag'lan - Mobile 052-4581341
                     MIRS 057-7772543
                      Mail mishkal2@medan.co.il


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POB 2319 Rehovot 7612202 Tel. 08-9358004, Fax 08-9358005