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The contracting and roads division has executed in the past and iscurrently executing both small and large infrastructure projects,
including unique projects.
The company has an unrestricted classification and is accredited asa recognized contractor in the following fields:
200 C-5*: Earth works and roads 400 B-5*: Water, sewage,
and drainage systems In recent years the company
has executed numerous projects for various customers, including

The Cross Israel Highway Company
Medan has executed bypasses in highways 353 and 383 and has
   constructed highway 35 in the Sdeh Moshe region in preparation
for the Cross Israel Highway planned to pass through these regions.
The project included, amongst other things, excavation and stone
   breaking of about 230,000 m3,filling material brought in from
outside totaling 230,000 m3, relocating Bezeq infrastructures, cables,
   preparation for lighting drainage, agricultural crossings, concrete
culvents, shortening the route and constructing falls in the river,
performing experiments in local materials in order to reduce state
costs of bringing in filling material from outside, foundation material,
   graded aggregates, and asphalt.
The scale for the project – is about NIS 26 million


Ashcrit Ltd.
  Ashcrit was awarded the execution of 5 bridges for Cross Israel
   Highway Ltd. 
  Medan was the sub contractor for all the earthworks.
  The work included, amongst other things Excavation, imported filling
   material, filling behind reinforced soil walls,Rip-Rap, etc.
  This was done in close cooperation with Israel Railways including
  special operations to relocate the railway track route.
  The scale of the project. – about NIS 13 million
Israel Railways
  Because of the considerable work load of Israel Railways, they
  issued a tender for laying sleepers before laying
  the rails in the Ramat Hovav region.
  Prior to the issue of this tender, Israel Railways used to lie the
  sleepers with the lines,
  but because of the great load produced, Israel Railways issued
  this unique tender. 
  Medan was the first company in Israel to execute this work.
  The scale of the project – is about NIS 1.5 million
The Airport Authority
  In cooperation with Ben Yakar Gat Ltd., Medan was awarded a
  contract for the construction of the infrastructures for the support
  buildings in NATBAG 2000.
  The work included, amongst other things: Earthwork, development,
  concrete work, stone work, gardening work, foundation materials,
  asphalt, water, sewage and drainage lines, a fire fighting system, a water supply system, water tanks,
  pumping stations for water and sewage.
  The scale of the project – about NIS 80 million
The Yovel Port (Ashtrom - Dragdos)
  Ashtrom, in a joint venture with the Spanish Dragdos company, was awarded a contract for the expansion of – Ashdod Port - the Yovel Port.
  This tender included the construction of a breakwater.
  Medan was awarded a contract for the execution of the work and
  supplied stone for the construction of the breakwater.
  The scale of the project – NIS 80 million
Gadish Ltd.
  Work for the Israel Land Administration, managed by Gadish, in the Neveh Noy and Horesh neighborhoods in Netivot.
  The work included, amongst other things: Drainage, sewage,
  excavation, and filling work.
  The scale of the project– about 6 million.


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